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Designer and manufacturer of refractory anchors

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Our products

Refractory anchors

Concrete | Brick | Fibrous

Refractory materials

Insulation | Brick | Textile | Fibrous

Metal fibres

HK alloy 304 | HK alloy 310s | Other fibres

Our mission

For 40 years, IRIS FRANCE Refractaire has been manufacturing and marketing products dedicated to industrial high-temperature applications.

Created at the end of the 1980’s refractory industry players, IRIS FRANCE Refractaire manufactures and markets a wide range of refractory products.

Its range covers all industrial needs. Its standard catalogue includes several hundred references. In addition, the company designs bespoke refractory anchoring solutions to meet the requirements of its customers’ specifications.


The sectors in which we operate

Construction of ovens

Cement plants

Metallurgy Heat treatment

Incineration and Boilers

Paper mills


Chemicals / Petrochemicals

Glass factories



Skills at your service

Our refractory culture can assist you daily in your choices to solve your technical problems.

IRIS FRANCE Refractaire is an ISO 9001 (2015 version) ISO 9002 certified company since 1995 (a certificate of analysis is available for all our products).

Our factory and sales department are at your disposal all year without interruption.

Our factory manages a range of specific machines (numerically controlled equipment) for small, medium and large production runs (20 to 100,000 items and more).

Our 5 numerical control machines, fitted with diameters ranging from 4 to 12 mm, give us optimum flexibility and responsiveness to manage your orders. Iris can respond very quickly to all your requests.

A certified Made In France company

We travel wherever you need us.

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