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Concrete anchors

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Load bearing
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IRIS FRANCE Refractaire has a stock of refractory stainless steel (wire and sheet) in alloys 310s, 304L, 243MA and stainless-steel items to produce your refractory anchors throughout France on time.

Our teams can assist you in choosing your materials and designing your specific refractory anchors.

Brick anchors

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Load bearing
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In all shapes and sizes, our teams can assist you in choosing your materials.

Fibrous anchors

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From stainless steel to steel and ceramics,  IRIS FRANCE Refractaire can help you find the best fixing for your sheets, tablecloths, boards or fibrous panels. Our teams will help you choose your materials and design your customized fiber anchors.

Metal fibres

HK alloy 304
HK alloy 310s
Other fibres

Used in concrete mixing to improve resistance to thermal shock and impact, metal fibers take the form of micro-reinforcements. By controlling cracking, these micro-reinforcements improve the cohesion and strength of refractory castable.

DL fiber, made from drawn wire with a hook at each end, is the best technical solution for difficult applications. ML fiber, which is more economical to buy, is suitable for less severe applications.


Board / Blok
Loose fiber
Calcium Silicate
Rope and Braid
Glue and Mastic

IRIS offers a wide additional range of products in the form of braids, ropes, tapes, fabrics, confections, beads and cartons.

These products are made from bio soluble or ceramic fiber yarns. They are available with 2 reinforcements:
Glass 650°C
1200°C steel

Prefabricated modules

Blok fibre

Brand new at IRIS, we are now able to offer you a customized solution for your modules. This new generation of lining preserves the thermal and structural characteristics of the ovens and kilns. It offers excellent insulation performance thanks to its fibrous lining and homogeneity on the oven walls.

Capable of high resistance to pressure and thermal shock, they are also easy and flexible to install on site, thanks to the stainless-steel tubes already present at their heart and the IBFork fixing forks manufactured by IRIS. Our teams will work with you to customize your modules and the anchors required to secure them.

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