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For 40 years, IRIS France Refractaire has been manufacturing and marketing products for industrial high-temperature applications.

Created at the end of the 1980’s refractory industry players, IRIS FRANCE Refractaire manufactures and markets a wide range of refractory products.

Our core business covers all industrial needs. Our catalogue includes several hundred references. In addition, the company designs customized refractory anchoring solutions that meet the requirements of its customers’ specifications.

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ISO 9001.V.2015 certification
Made in France certification

Since the beginning, IRIS FRANCE Refractaire has made quality its priority. This is evidenced by the fact that in the 1980s IRIS FRANCE Refractaire adopted a traceability, transparency and product certification approach by obtaining ISO 9001.V.2015 certification. IRIS FRANCE Refractaire recently obtained all the necessary industrial French certifications in refractory science.

IRIS FRANCE Refractaire manages its own national stock of refractory stainless steel and a production plant equipped with automated tools, enabling the mass production of refractory anchors and guaranteeing optimum responsiveness to our customers. Our special machines also enable us to manufacture refractory anchors to measure!

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Refractory anchors

Concrete | Brick | Fibrous

Refractory materials

Insulation | Brick | Textile | Fibrous

Metal fibres

HK alloy 304 | HK alloy 310s | Other fibres

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